Landcruiser Mountain Park
- Fun For All 4x4 Lovers

Landcruiser Mountain Park is the place to go, if you want to practise your 4x4 offroad skills or maybe you are looking for some extreme 4x4 adventure.

Check out the photo board in the office when you arrive to see some of the past action at Landcruiser Park.

Landcruiser Mountain Park
Landcruiser Mountain Park
Doing some water training!

Or do you fancy some rock climbing?

Landcruiser Park
What to Expect:
  • A working cattle property that has been converted into an offroad 4x4 wonderland
  • Lots of well maintained tracks
  • You are given a map when you arrive detailing all of the camping areas and tracks with level of difficulty
  • Well managed with safety of utmost importance

What You Need to Know:

  • Landcruiser Mountain Park is a Wilderness Park and must be treated as such
  • Enter at your own risk
  • If you need it, there is recovery vehicle available at a cost
  • You must register at the office when you arrive and also sign out when you leave
  • You must bring everything you need for a weekend of 4x4 adventure, e.g. fuel, first aid kit, recovery gear, food, and drinking water
  • The office has basic supplies - e.g. drinks, ice, milk, bread and cigarettes and there is a public phone
  • Place all rubbish in the bins at the camping grounds or take it with you
  • Fires are allowed and there is firewood available
  • No Motorbikes allowed
  • 2wds can access the main camping areas or if you prefer your 2wd can be stored at the office for a fee of $10 per night

How to get there

  • From Brisbane: Approximately 2 Hours - Head north on the Bruce Highway until you get to Caboolture, then follow the D'aguilar Highway to Kilcoy. Then take the Jimna-Murgon Road.

  • From Sunshine Coast Australia: Head out via Kenilworth, then follow Sunday Creek Road until you get to the Kilcoy-Murgon Road south of Jimna. Dry Weather Route. Other routes via Beerwah and Kilcoy or Gympie and Goomeri.

  • The closest town is Kilcoy located 60 kms away

Offroad Camping

Landcruiser Park
Camping at the Gums Campground.

  • You can 'bush' camp anywhere
  • There are 4 designated camping areas with clean hot showers and septic toilets
  • There is plenty of room for everyone even on busy weekends

Current Costs

  • $45 per 4x4 vehicle and $25 per 2wd for 24 hour period
  • Extra day $25 day trip per 4x4 and $15 per 2wd vehicle
  • Subject to change without notice


Landcruiser Mountain Park
  • Landcruiser Mountain Park has regular 4x4 events that are loads of fun to watch or participate
  • Click here for the latest events calendar
  • The biggest event of the year is the Mud Bulls and Music Festival

  • Mud Bulls and Music

  • Four days of non stop action in November
  • Enjoy a country music festival with past acts such as Kasey Chambers and Lee Kernaghan, watch some 4x4 action and the big bulls battle it out in the rodeo
  • Click here for further information on Mud Bulls and Music
Update 2012:

Our last trip to Landcruiser Mountain Park was in February 2012. Another great weekend was had by all. We did notice that flooding and rain has taken its toll on some of the tracks so just beware. Some tracks marked as easy on the map now have some more challenging sections so take care.
Landcruiser Mountain Park

Not too tough for the remote controlled Rock Climber though!

We prefer to go on a quiet weekend so we always check the events calendar and organise our weekend accordingly. When we arrived we were very puzzled to see cars lined up almost out to the road. Luckily the owner of Landcruiser Mountain Park saw us and we followed him around the queue to the office.

All of the people were waiting to check in for a music festival held outside the park itself at the area that they hold the Mud Bulls and Music Festival. Unfortunately we could hear the music most of the weekend from the Gums Campground but a couple of bottles of Red did help. A lesson learnt, we will always ring to check what is on before we plan our weekend in future.

A new discovery for us in the park this time was Cowah Falls which can be accessed by a short walk (rock hop) from Cowah Falls Camping Area. The kids had a ball. The Grass Trees are beautiful. It is definitely worth the look.

Landcruiser Mountain Park
Landcruiser Mountain Park
Landcruiser Mountain Park

I highly recommend a visit to Landcruiser Mountain Park for 4x4 enthusiasts. It is great fun for everyone. You don't need a
Toyota Landcruiser to enjoy the action!
You might just go to enjoy some great offroad camping
or music at the annual Mud Bulls and Music festival.

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